Useful Recommendations On Finding Promising Freelance Content Writing Jobs

The key to a successful freelance writing career is to build up experience and a good reputation, and to find your niche. Different kinds of freelance writing require different experience and expertise. If you are new to it, content writing can be a great way to gain experience and build up your portfolio.

Follow these useful recommendations to find promising content writing jobs:

  • Focus on content areas you are knowledgeable about
  • While content writing often doesn’t require that you be an expert in the area you are writing about, it can be helpful to identify areas you have a background in and are knowledgeable. For instance, if you went to school for the sciences or have worked in the healthcare sector, try to find content writing projects that include those skills. Not only will it make you more marketable to the client, because you have experience and are knowledgeable in the subject, but it will make your job easier because you will have more knowledge to share in your articles and you won’t have to spend as much time researching before you can write. While you don’t need to focus exclusively on subject areas that you have previous experience in, it can be a good strategy to carve out a niche for yourself in it.

  • Think in terms of hourly rates
  • Figuring out what you should charge for content writing can be difficult when you are new to it. Few content writing jobs pay hourly: most pay a set amount per article or per 1000 words. But it is still helpful to figure out how much you should charge based on an hourly rate. For instance, if you estimate that a project will take you 2 hours, and you are hoping to make at least $20 per hour, then you should be bidding at least $40 for it.

  • Build your rate up over time
  • Even if your goal is to be making $20 per hour with freelance writing, you should be prepared to charge a bit less to begin with, and build your rate up over time. When you are new to it, or are new a website that you’re working through, you’ll need to build up credibility, and good client rating, and a great portfolio before you can expect to be paid a good rate.

  • Look for repeat jobs
  • As a freelance writing you’ll probably have to spend a significant amount of time looking for and applying for projects. Finding repeat jobs can help to cut down on this.

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