How To Earn A Decent Living With An Online Freelance Writing Business

There are various possibilities open to individuals who wish to make a decent living out of an online freelance writing business. For a start, it is possible that you wish to start a business where you are the only employee or, alternatively, you could start a business where you are the boss and hire other writers to do the work for you.

To give you some ideas about how to earn a decent living using either of these techniques, feel free to read the suggestions and ideas outlined below.

Earning a living with a one-man business

If you wish to become a freelance writer who does all of your own work then there are various places where you may wish to consider looking for job opportunities. One of the best places to start is by signing up with various freelance websites on the Internet. As well as joining the handful of major websites that dominate the market, it can be good idea to investigate more about some of the smaller websites that may not be so well-known.

Whilst the smaller websites may not be able to provide as many opportunities as the larger ones, you can often find that there will be fewer other writers to compete with; furthermore, some of these smaller websites attract clients who are more willing to pay higher rates.

Therefore, the bigger websites generally make it easier to find opportunities - some of which might pay well - whilst the smaller websites will often enable you to take on more lucrative contracts.

Starting a writing business

Another way that you can make a decent living is by starting your own writing business. In order to do this you will need to hire writers who will do the work for you. Your job could then be to look for any possible writing opportunities, which are then essentially subcontracted to the writers in your team.

This approach enables you to potentially take on a much wider range of jobs than you might have the skills to do yourself. For example, it may be that you specialise in writing web content; however, you can employ writers who can carry out translations, editing work, grant writing or a range of other writing work.

It will often be harder to make a decent profit in the short-term using this approach; however, if you are successful at what you do, then in the long-term you can potentially earn far more than you would by working on your own.

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