The Freelance Writer's Contract: 5 Crucial Things To Know

As a freelance writer, you must understand the difficulty of this and it will probably take years before your career takes off. If you weren’t prepared for it, then it would certainly be a good idea to not take this as your career. As a writer in the freelancing world, you will likely be given many contracts and write different contents. This could vary depending on your expertise and interest.

Obviously if you are very keen on writing as a freelancer, you will given contracts when you work. Here are 5 crucial things that you must know about it:

Never miss deadlines

Okay, this should go without saying, but there are quite a few writers out there who do not realize the importance of this. To put things simply, if you ever miss a deadline for any given jobs, chances are that you will not get any repeated business from the same client. If you want to establish your reputation quickly, remember this!

Make sure your content is unique

If you plagiarise your work from others, then that would just spell disaster for you. For one, you are highly unlikely going to be paid, as it violates copyright issues. Second, you are going to get an extremely negative review and that is not what you want as a freelancer! So this is not worth the risk!

Communicate with your client

As part of your contract, there is a given rule that you are going to update your client regularly. It is more like a psychological contract and it is not spelt out explicitly. If you don’t give your client an idea of what you are doing, you will be deemed as a bad freelancer and they will most likely not require your service in the future. Think carefully and don’t be lazy!

Be reasonable with your rates

Always set the price that you charge at a reasonable price range. Nobody wants to work with an overpriced freelancer and that would literally scare away your prospective clients! Obviously, it’s better to charge a decent rate and work in the long term for your clients. Keep that in mind.

Make sure you understand the terms

There is no point in entering a contract if you don’t understand what the terms are. As a freelancer, you must protect yourself. If there’s anything unclear in the terms, always ask your client and clarify the problem.

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