Looking For Freelance Jobs In Environmental Writing

In today’s world there is a great focus on living green and leaving a small footprint. You will probably be given an environmental job topic at some point in your writing career. If you are interested in the field, but are not assigned any work on the topic, you can seek that work. Use our list of suggested places collected by WritersDepartment.com to look to help you in the search-

Places to Look

  • Industry periodicals-if you are interested and passionate about the field, you may subscribe to some of the industry periodicals. The submission guidelines will be placed at either the front or the back of the magazine. Make sure you follow all of the publication rules when you vie for a job. These periodicals will come in print and website forms, so check in both places for writing work.

  • Newspapers (print and online)-most newspapers now have a section that relates to the environment. You may be able to contact the editor for the section and pitch your story idea. Do not be discouraged if you are denied at first. Just keep trying.

  • Freelance Companies-there are about a dozen reputable freelance companies that can be found online. To use one, you will make an account, pay a small reoccurring monthly fee, build your profile, and then begin to look for jobs. The job search actually works in two ways. You can apply for listed jobs, or the customers can actually ask you to bid on their job. After you have done quite a few jobs, you will see that more people approach you with an interest. With the third party system, the company uses an escrow system where you are automatically paid once the job is finished and the client satisfied.

  • Create a website-build a writer website. At the site you would want to include your contact information, your fees, your samples, your references, and your qualifications. Make sure your copy is geared with the correct SEO in order to attract as many hits as possible. Do make sure that you link your website to all of your social media and blog sites. Maintaining the business site will automatically link to your social media if you set it up properly.

You will find that using all of these tips-looking at industry periodicals, searching online and print newspapers, working with a freelance business, and creating a website will give you work in whatever writing field you want.

Sites For Freelance Writers

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