A Guide For Professional Freelance Writers: How To Advance Your Career

Many people write for pleasure but would never think of making an income from it. If you are one of the select few who feel drawn to freelancing in the field as a profession, you’ll most likely experience one plateau in your career if not more. Here are some tips to consider to keep you advancing:

Stop taking the lower paying jobs

This may be difficult to do if freelancing is your only source of income but unless you step out of this mold you will never be one of the elite. If money is preventing you from making the next move, start creating a healthy savings account that you can dip into if your plan to get higher paying jobs flounders initially.

Write better than the bad writers

There are many people who give freelancing a bad reputation. These people tend to make very little money and as long as you are indistinguishable from them, you will too. Read about grammar, read poetry, read novels. Read anything that could potentially make your own writing more professional.

Practice the types of writing that tend to make money

If your true love is poetry for instance, you may find a distinct lack of opportunities in the field. It can be useful to expand into something similar but higher paying. Ghost writing novels, for instance, would give you a chance to write beautifully and descriptively but for more money and more regularly than you would as a poet.

Blog relentlessly

People do not just happen to discover the most popular writers. Usually such discoveries are the result of very carefully thought out marketing plans. Such content creators almost always have blogs that are regularly updated as well as extremely active profiles on all the major social media networks. Writers of previous generations may not have had such concerns to deal with but things have quite clearly changed.

Seek out the good jobs that are regular

If you are living from job to job without certainty, it becomes a very real possibility that one day your clients will abandon you and you will have nothing to show for it. That’s not a career that’s a gamble. Create more security for yourself by taking jobs that are ongoing.

These tips may work better for some than others but used altogether they can make freelancing more viable as a career.

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