How To Get Paid For Freelance Writing: Useful Hints

Many people find writing to be enjoyable and would love to make it a career that they are able to enjoy. When you are just getting started in the world of freelance writing and you have no portfolio or references that you are able to show to potential employers, it can be difficult to find someone who is willing to take a chance on you. Keep in mind though that even the greatest writers of all time had to start somewhere, and they were once looking for someone to buy their work as well!

Here are some useful hints that you may want to remember when you are looking to actually make an income from your writing:

  • Be realistic: Taking a job where you know nothing about the subject can backfire in a big way. Likewise with subjects that you have no interest in. Your lack of experience and interest will come through on paper and you run the risk of having your client refuse the final draft. Take the time to identify where your interests lie and what you know plenty about.

  • Choose the right medium for you: Some writers are extremely versatile and can do any type of project at all. Others excel at articles only. Decide where you feel most comfortable, whether it is doing blog posts, case studies, marketing materials, web pages, e-books, or any of the numerous others.

  • Determine who will pay for your type and topic: Do some simple research to discover the base prices that are being offered for the different types of writing. Small companies usually don't have as much to spend as the bigger ones, so expect that you will be starting small and working your way up from there.

  • Look for markets with points of entry: Use your current network of organizations and people that you know to find your first clients, such as local businesses, organizations that you volunteer for or donate to, family and friends, magazines that you read, and government agencies responsible for areas that relate to your interests.

  • How much you should charge: One option for newbies with no experience is to offer to complete a few jobs for free so that you are able to build a portfolio. Make sure that you get a reference or referral from the client though. If you are unable to get potential clients to quote a price to you, get some ideas from fellow authors.

  • The need for a contract: Never start work without signing a contract. If there is no contract in existence the client is under no obligation to compensate you.

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