The Secret To Getting Paid Freelance Writing Jobs From Home

Working from home sounds like utopia to most people that find themselves stuck in a dead-end job. Most people would love to branch out and do it, but they are understandably fearful about how they would make ends meet and support their families if they were to do so. There are several secrets to getting paid freelance writing jobs from home. I hope that you find them both insightful and inspiring:

  • Timing
  • Making the break from a regular job and into freelance is a big leap and is a hurdle that a lot of people are simply not able to overcome. The key is timing. By that I mean, choosing to make the leap at a time that will impact least upon you. Before you all start screaming that there is never a good time, let me give you a couple of examples. You may be about to go on maternity leave, or about to semi-retire. Or, you could be at college looking to supplement your income. Or, even a regular work simply looking to supplement their income with top up work. As with everything in life, there is no one size fits all solution.

  • Reliability
  • Reliability and the ability to dig your client out of a deep hole by meeting challenging deadlines will get you a lot further than a wealth of experience. If you can demonstrate that you are willing to work and learn. That you are available short notice and will deliver on time, every time then you are guaranteed to get paid work from home.

  • Look for it
  • This kind of work doesn’t just fall into your life. You have to go looking and frequently fight for it. There are freelance writing jobs to be found in the unlikeliest of places. You just need to be willing to search the internet, contact magazines, and businesses in order to get your name out there.

  • Don’t let people exploit your good nature
  • If you are willing to work for nothing, or for buttons, then of course, people will take advantage of that. Demonstrate that you can do high-quality work and then go into the market place with the intention of getting a decent wage. Yes, you might have to work long hours in order to achieve that. But, the benefits of being able to down tools if you need to without asking for anyone’s permission is simply priceless.

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