Advice To New Freelance Writers: How Not To Get Scammed By A Fraud Writing Agency

There is an ever increasing demand for writing services online. As freelance writers look for writing agencies it’s important to know how to avoid the fraudulent companies. A good freelance writer can make a great income from writing for online companies; it’s not worth ruining your reputation by being involved with fraudulent agencies that take advantage of their writers or their clients.

Here are some of the things you should check before signing up to do any freelance writing.

  1. Does the agency claim how long they’ve been in business? Many fraudsters claim they’ve been online since 1997. Yet you can check the site’s age in whois and see how long they’ve been operating online. If the company is lying about their website’s age, they can’t be trusted.
  2. Reviews can be fabricated. Don’t base your decision on reviews alone, especially if they are reviews posted on their own website. Instead, search online for third party reviews, and use them to make a judgment. Keep in mind that even great companies will get a certain low percentage of bad reviews.
  3. Does the agency have a local phone number? If they are claiming to be originating from an English speaking country, they should have a phone number from the same country. Many fraudulent companies will give email contact only, which doesn’t give you the ability to verify where they are located.
  4. If they offer their writers very low prices or largely inflated prices, then beware. Most trustworthy writing agencies pay their writers within a certain range, which you can find out by doing some research and comparing a few different companies’ prices.
  5. They should provide a real mailing address. Use this to contact them, if you are unsure whether they really are located on an English-speaking continent.
  6. Speak with someone from the agency over the phone. Ask them lots of questions and see how willing they are to take the time to give you the appropriate answers.
  7. Search social media sites to see what others have written about this company. Leave some comments asking people for their feedback and see what you can find out.
  8. Don’t sign up for a writing agency that spams your inbox. Instead, do your own searching and find one that looks trustworthy and passes the above criteria.

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