Hiring a Professional Freelance Writer: Five Things to Remember

Working as a freelance writer can be a great career. You can work from your home, set your own hours, and pick the work that you wish to do. When you are hiring a writer, you will want to be careful to select the right person. There are a few very important rules to remember when you are seeking the perfect person!

Five Things to Remember

  1. Ask for Samples: If you need a writer, you will want to see examples of the writer’s work. If the writer is new to the scene, then you may have less work to look at when hiring. If the freelancer does not want to show you his or her work, then you probably should not hire him or her.

  2. Then Ask for References: Ask for references from the potential hires. You can find out about how professional the person is, if he or she met deadlines, and how the quality of the work is. Always ask for samples and references when hiring someone.

  3. Set Your Budget: Set an approximate budget. You may be able to have some wiggle room if you hire a new writer. You should be ready to pay upon receipt of the work. As you consider payments, think about all of the fine print details that you must consider. Cover every single detail when it comes to your money.

  4. Use a Third Party Company Who Can Escrow and Protect You: If you seek your new hire at a third party company, there will be a company who worries about the small details. If you do not like the work, you can report your problem to the company. The company will ten handle the dispute. Your escrowed payment will not be released under you are satisfied. The author may have to rewrite the piece or just edit the piece.

As you seek copywriters, make sure that you ask the prospective candidates for samples, then ask to see references, set your budget and stick to your budget, and use a third party company, so you do not have to sweat the small stuff. You may find a write that you simply love and that you wish to use for all of your products. This would be your goal if you have writing needs often. Use these tips as you look for that special person.

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