How To Get Into Freelance Writing In UK: Recommendations For Beginners

Freelance writing is a handy way to work from home. New freelance writers can find more job openings if they can write for clients in different parts of the world. English speaking writers can write for clients in the United States, Australia, the UK, and anywhere else that English is spoken. Writers should have an understanding of the different dialects of English when they want to work outside of their home countries. There are other useful things to do to find writing work in the UK.

  • Distinguish Between UK English and American English
  • One of the best ways to get hired by clients in the UK is to apply for work in the UK. There are several websites that bring clients and writers together all over the world. Instead of looking for local jobs, you can specifically try to find clients in the UK. When you apply for jobs in the UK, it is best to submit a job proposal, but to use UK English. If you complete the proposal in American English, you are less likely to have your proposal accepted. This does not mean that you have to use a bunch of slang or silly terms, but that you use UK spellings when necessary or particular words when you can.

  • Keep Your Reputation Spotless
  • Another useful way to get hired by UK clients is to keep your reputation spotless on the writing websites. In many cases, UK writer are pickier because they want people who can actually write with proper grammar usage. Your profile will show potential UK clients that you do get the job done on time and well.

  • Conduct Research on UK Companies
  • You can also increase your chances of getting into the UK writing market if you conduct your research. Since most clients have a purpose for hiring writers; most need a solid writer to represent their businesses or blogs. Some need writers to craft product descriptions. No matter what you are hired to do or you are looking to get hired to do, investigate the businesses and the way that UK clients want their businesses represented.

  • Learn About Trends
  • It is also helpful to understand trends. In the UK or other English speaking countries, trends are different than in the United States. Whether you are writing about fashion, music, or social media, you should learn about what is popular so you can help draw readers to your posts.

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