Searching For Well-Paid Freelance Article Writing Jobs

Congratulations, you have decided to join the ranks of the freelance writers’ brigade. Now, you ask, where are the well-paying jobs that will make this gig worthwhile? Well, we are here with great advice on where to find high paying work as a freelance article writer.

  1. Be a Quality Writer
  2. In order to attract high paying work, you need to be known as a quality writer. To become that, you will need to do high quality work. And to do that, you will need to practice and practice till you hone your skills to a level where you can be proud of them. You have to accept the fact that as a writer you can never stop learning and improving. You should read all the time. You should read anything and everything. You should read articles related to your field to gain more knowledge about the field. You should read articles, books, magazines and blogs about other fields so you can learn new and innovative ways of writing and gain new skills. You should also practice your writing, as often as you can, to improve.

  3. Be an expert
  4. The best paying freelance article writing jobs are in specialized areas. These are areas not everyone can write about so the client commissioning the writing is usually willing to pay a premium price for the required expertise. Become an expert at something. Learn to snorkel. Be a guide to the Great Barrier Reef. Master sky diving. Master swallowing a live octopus. Be a computer genius. And then write about it. You will get paid mega bucks.

  5. Market your brand
  6. If you are not known by clients, how will you get job offers? Make a website for yourself showcasing your work. Have a great portfolio. If you do not have one, create one and showcase it. Show it to friends and family, take on the critique and improve it.

  7. Actually go out and look for work
  8. Work will never find you if you do not go looking for it. Put yourself out there. Contact editors of websites and magazines and pitch ideas for great articles. Work on a great pitch, something that will convince clients to hire you. Send them that. Include great samples from your portfolio. Direct them to your website.

  9. Look only on trustworthy sources
  10. Find freelance websites online and then read their reviews. Only apply for jobs at trustworthy places. Read reviews of the client. Weed out the difficult to please clients from the good ones. Believe in your work’s worth and charge for it.

Sites For Freelance Writers

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