10 Rules of Well-Paid Freelance Writers You Should Follow to Make a Good Start

To get ahead in the freelance industry, writers need to know how to run a business. They must be able to reach out to new clients and maintain relationships with their current clients. Writers who are ready to succeed in this industry should use the following ten tips.

  1. Writers must develop good relationships with editors. An editor is more likely to open a pitch e-mail if they recognize the name. In addition, editors are in charge of sending revisions. Nothing is worse than receiving an endless stream of editing requests.
  2. From the moment an assignment is pitched, the writer should track it through each stage. This will let the writer calculate their actual hourly wage. If their hourly wage ends up being too low, the writer must raise their rates.
  3. Recurring gigs are the best way to ensure that the writer has a continuous stream of income. Even if these projects pay slightly less, they are still worth doing. Having a recurring gig will allow the writer to stay financially afloat during the slower months of the year.
  4. Learning how to write a query letter is a must-have skill for writers. In order to get a job proposal, writers must be willing to continuously send out query letters and proposals.
  5. Pitches and proposals are the main way for writers to get jobs. They should send out at least two pitches every week.
  6. If a client has provided a steady stream of projects, the writer should reward them. The second or third project should be given a discount as a reward for customer loyalty.
  7. Freelancing is like any other business: It requires marketing. Writers should create a blog, develop a website or do guest posts. These marketing techniques will allow the writer to reach out to prospective clients. The best writers create a marketing plan and stick to it.
  8. A writer must be able to write, but they also must know how to track their finances. Keeping receipts will allow the writer to deduct costs like office space or a new laptop. It will also help the writer to figure out exactly how much they earn each month.
  9. To lower costs, writers should find free software programs that they can use. There are free plagiarism programs and grammar checkers that will help the writer to submit perfect projects.
  10. The best writers treat their work like a business. Although the writer can work at any time of day, they should set a schedule. This will make it easier for the writer to plan out their time and stay on track.

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