How To Write A Cover Letter For A Freelance Writing Position: 5 Useful Tips

Introduction: Preparing to Write the Cover Letter

Cover letters are a somewhat challenging but necessary part of freelancing. In a cover letter for a freelance position, you should state all the qualities you possess that will make you the perfect candidate for a position, showcase your talents and expertise, mention your high scoring test scores in English, English grammar, and punctuation. If you know British English you will want to mention this as well, as knowing both can help you reach an expansive audience. You also want to mention your going rate per word or per hour, as typically, employers want to compare rates as they choose and some actually demand a rate before they will make their choice. In this writing, I will give you five hints and tips on how to write a winning cover letter.

  1. Do Not Be Afraid to Speak About Yourself but Do Not Over Brag
  2. You want you cover letter to sound genuine, right? So do not brag so much about your abilities that you scare away the client. They want to know that you will be enjoyable to work with as much as a good writer. So mention your accomplishments in life, mention your abilities as a writer, discuss some of your job history in general and then discuss your rate. Typically, you can write a general cover letter or several versions of one, and keep these on file for applying to jobs quickly.

  3. Do Not Forget To Mention Your Work History
  4. Knowing more about you is never a mistake. Employers may want to Google you and verify your employment history and make sure you are being honest in your application about all the accomplishments and degrees you say you have competed.

  5. Do Not Lie About Your Accomplishments
  6. It seems there is a great temptation to lie about one’s degrees and accomplishments on the internet, when the internet has proven, if anything, that you cannot hide anything, right? Your degrees and graduation will be mentioned right on Google, and especially any publications you might have garnered during your education. Have your degrees verified by whatever agency you are working for.

  7. Showcase Your Freelancing Experience
  8. As always experience is key. Do not only mention them—but attach some as well.

  9. In general, write the kind of letter that you would want to receive.

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