Writing Articles Online: Freelance Tips For Beginners

Writing articles as a freelancer is a great way to generate extra income and you can always decide your workload. No matter how well you have presented your portfolio and proposal, you will still have to deliver a good piece of writing to your client at the end of the day. Here are some tips for you to quickly become a successful writer:

  • Be creative
  • One of the key to success is to be creative, this can be in the form of coming up with new ideas or new ways to connect these dots. Being creative in your writing will give extra depth, and it would raise the readers’ interests to read on.

  • Be logical
  • Make sure that your creativity will not undermine the logic of your writing! After all, you will have to persuade your readers with a convincing case that what you wrote is true and legitimate. A good flow of logic is therefore, essential.

  • Be descriptive
  • The way which word your articles in your freelance career can have a major impact on your career. If you are not describing the situation to the reader well, they are unlikely to continue reading. Using the STAR framework may help (situation, task, action and reflection). Remember to paint a picture with words!

  • Know your audience
  • Who will read your articles would determine the tone and manner required. Academic or business related articles should provide logical and professional opinion. While articles directed at children will require simpler wordings and perhaps some pictures.

  • Engage your readers
  • While you are writing your freelance articles, remember to think as the reader. What are your potential audiences looking for? Advice? Tips? Or logical deductions that would inspire them?

    Keep to your word limit

    There are word limits for every project and every article. The word limit is there for a reason, so stick to it in every occasion. There’s no point coming up with a great article only to have an editor to take away large chunks of it away.

  • Make sure you follow your clients’ instructions
  • The ability to follow orders will take you towards being a successful freelancer. Engage your clients early to know their needs.

  • Update your client at a regular interval
  • Keeping your clients updated is part of being professional. It gives your clients a sense of assurance that you are on the right track.

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