Are New Freelance Writing Companies Better Than The Old Ones?

Today, there are all kinds of new freelancing companies popping up all over the web. Why? Well, they are easy to start up and since clients have to pay you to work for them, then they are the only ones that can lose. All you need is a paid for, working website and you are on your way.

Research All The Freelance Companies Before You Commit

Rarely in the freelancing world, is there a company without a membership fee. This membership fee, whatever plan you choose, enables you to be showcased to possible clients and the more expensive the plan, the more opportunities you get to apply to and the more attention your ad will get because either the company will make it look fancier or the more clients they will send it to.

No Freelance Company is the Best, But It Might Be Best For You

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for you?” That is the best way I can sum up the gamut of nearly hundreds of freelancing companies on the web today. And beginning with a small one might actually allow you to be one of the few freelancers that a client has to choose from.

Some freelance companies have no membership fee but take out a percentage. This is the way I started and this company was perfect for me, because I learned that the kind of writing I had been taught to do, a very informed, high level, archaic writing style that was preferred for English doctoral students, was not necessarily the kind of style I needed to use for a catchy blog. But I did not know this yet. I was so into perfectionist mode I was over peppering my writing with fancy words and far too many adjectives. I not only needed to trim the length of my sentences but the length of my words as well.

Newspaper writing training is what I needed, not a very high academic style for blogs, because blogs are for the average reader who wants to be entertained.

There are academic writing jobs of course, and then I get to really embrace my education. But this freelance company I’m speaking of, they are free, but they take a percentage of your earnings, which all freelance companies will do.

Every freelance company tends to attract different types of clients and you want to pick the one that’s best for you.

Sites For Freelance Writers

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