In Search Of Freelance Writing Jobs: 4 Pieces Of Advice For Beginners

If you are a beginner in freelancing and are looking for ways that can help you succeed in getting freelancing jobs, then you need not to go further. We will explain the ways you can boost your freelancing career. Freelancing jobs, if selected carefully can give you the opportunity to leave your 9 to job. However, it needs a bit patience and hard work on the part of writers to start their career. Here are a few tips that every writer should follow at the advancement of his writing career:

  • Take a small step at a time: When you are new to freelancing, you need some job successfully accomplished so that you can mention them in your portfolio. Once you build a strong portfolio, it becomes easier to find jobs. In order to build your portfolio, choose small jobs and take them even at a low price because you just need positive feedback of the clients. This will also help you in practicing our writing skills.

  • Don’t run after content mills: Do not run after the content mills, rather try to find work where your efforts will be valued. It is not necessarily possible that your skills will get an exposure at the content mills. So try to avoid them at the start of your career.

  • Browsing content writing jobs: The most important part is to browse the writing jobs in different platforms. You should be really careful about the selection of jobs. First of all, you need to try for jobs that interest you. Do not forget to check the reputation of the clients as well. Always check for the feedback that their past writers have given them. You will also find some clients who will demand free samples from you. Beware of them. However, there is no harm in giving a paid sample. Always try to avoid clients who want bulk writings on the same topics.

  • Look for the right platform: There are so many freelancing platforms online and it is advisable that you shortlist a few of them and make your account there. Generally they are bidding sites and you should keep on bidding for projects even if you do not get success for first few weeks. It is not such a field where you can get success overnight. You need to be persistent and put in a lot of efforts.

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