How To Become A Well-Paid Freelancer: Looking For The Best Writing Jobs

The image of the starving writer is completely inappropriate for the modern-day freelancer. If the writer is good at their job, they can build up a lucrative career in the freelance industry. To find clients and obtain projects, writers must learn how to look for the best writing projects. With a bit of luck, a lot of work and a great deal of talent, writers can achieve a thriving career.

Start With a Blog

The best writers have portfolios, but it is impossible to have a portfolio without a work history. To beat this catch-22, writers should make a personal blog. They should develop a blog that targets a specific niche area. This niche could be home design, personal finance, bitcoins or anything else. By writing about a specific niche, the writer will be able to find clients in that exact field. In addition, the blog will serve as a digital portfolio for the writer.

Find an Internship

Working for free is one of the ways that writers can break into the industry. A paid or unpaid internship allows the writer to develop a strong work history and a portfolio of their projects. Other than the typical internship, writers can also submit their work to other sites. Blogs will often take articles from guest bloggers, and a guest blogging article will increase the freelancer's exposure.

Prepare to Bid

Some of the most lucrative projects are with trade publications and smaller magazines. Depending on the magazine, the writer may be able to just submit a proposal for a specific article. If their proposal is accepted, the writer will be paid hundreds of dollars or more for a basic article.

There are some issues with writing for magazines. Writers must be talented at budgeting their money because it can take months for a magazine to actually pay its writers. In addition, it takes a lot of time to send in proposals for multiple magazines. The writer must tailor each proposal to specific magazines if they want to have their work accepted. Since this takes time, it ultimately lowers the writers hourly rate.

Use Content Mills As a Backup Plan

A content mill is a website that pays pennies for every word that is written. Although they have fairly low-paying projects, a content mill is a reliable source of revenue. Writers should set up an account with one of these sites so that they have a backup source of income during slow months.

Sites For Freelance Writers

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