5 Easy Tricks To Land A Highly-Paying Job In Writing Articles

Now that writing articles is your passion; there is no crime in making it your vocation. Thanks to the online world that we live in; there is scope for one and all that can hold a pen. There is just one matter of interest- How much can you quote?

If you are bent on getting viable jobs for writing, you may utilize the following tricks –

  • Keep a heady Business media profile – If you have a strong network there, you can seek and get viable writing jobs without much fuss. People require articles and quite a few are willing to pay handsomely for them. With the profile, you remain posted.

  • Ground yourself on a specific genre – You should land authoritative knowledge in a genre and prepare a profile in keeping with that. Your cover letters should hit the mark. You should mention that you are not going to negotiate with the price factor. This should come with an assurance that the work will be of top order.

  • Approach magazines – Imbibe the writing style of eminent magazines and hone your style on that parameter. You should then approach them with pertinent cover letter and effective samples. Give them an offer they cannot refuse (say, working for the first fortnight for free). Once they get hooked to your writing, money will never be a problem.

  • Pose as an authority – Provided you have a worthy knowledge in a stream, you can pose as an authority in it. Act as an expert in the field and let things take its own course. There will be tests and interviews but there is nothing that a confident man cannot pass through.

  • Beget references – You should venture to get smart references from working freelancers. These will come in handy when you approach people for a writing hob. Your own work will also be a credible testimony to your grounding. This again comes easy if you have a strong online network.

  • Of course, it is much better to go the standard way and play the waiting game. If you have the capacity and quality to dish out spectacular articles in your genre, the world is waiting to get connected to you. It is just that you are staring at turns and missing each other.

    You should also work at updating your knowledge and also learn a bit about the online tools to make your articles more emphatic and SEO-oriented. Way to go!

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