Where To Find The Best Freelance Writing Opportunities

When you start freelancing one of your biggest concerns is landing projects that pay well and help you make ends meet. It’s a lot harder at first when you don’t have much experience or a portfolio to show for your talents. But after a while the opportunities start to fall on your lap and you are able to get better paying jobs more frequently. Here is a short guide to finding the best freelance writing opportunities:

  • Checking Online Classified Ads
  • One of the first places to start looking for good jobs is on classified ads. You’re probably aware of several sites where people meet to exchange goods such as books, clothing, furniture, etc. But did you know that you can also find excellent opportunities to write content for hundreds of clients needing everything from short articles to full reports. Start with a simple keyword search and see if you find something within your niche or expertise.

  • Checking with Regional Online Newspapers
  • Another great place to look is in your regional online newspaper. Online stories read a lot more like blogs and newspapers are ditching the cost of printing their content on paper for the low cost of maintaining a website that could hold tons and tons of archived material. Regional newspapers are always looking for new writers. Don’t just stick with what’s local to you. You may find that your expertise has a national appeal.

  • Advertising on a Professional Site
  • There are several professional networking sites that bring people with specific skills together to work on larger projects. Be sure you set up a professional profile and make connections with your past colleagues, school mates, friends and just about anyone you can think of. The more connections you have the more exposure you will have. All of this will lead to more opportunities.

  • Creating a Profile on a Freelancing Site
  • Several companies have catered towards freelancers by making it easy to build a profile and to bid on jobs from all over the world. Be sure to keep your profile current with all of your skills and services. The more activity you have on your site the higher it will rank with clients looking to hire. Don’t forget to update your portfolio constantly with new content. Pretty soon you’ll build enough content to put into your portfolio that should get you the kind of work that pays very well.

Sites For Freelance Writers

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