Expert Advice To Help You Become A Well-Paid Travel Writer

In order to become well-known and well-paid writing in the genre you love, there are a few steps you can take. This especially includes travel writing. It appeals to many people because it combines two highly appealing pastimes – writing and traveling. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Do a lot of reading. Your reading should include a wide variety of media types. Read magazines, books, online sources. Just read and don’t stop reading. It not only exposes you to many styles of writing within the travel genre, it also shows you the writers who’ve made it big in this field both past and present.

  2. Keep in mind that there are many options within this genre of writing. For example it could include hotel reviews, destination guides, long narratives, short blog posts, brochures, and so on.

  3. Start your own blog. You may get high paying advertisers, a book deal, a magazine gig, or even an offer of free travel. It will certainly get you exposure and recognition.

  4. Develop your online social media presence. Use a variety of social media platforms. It will help you network and connect with readers and other writers and editors.

  5. Build an offline network as well. Attend workshops and events centering on travel and/or writing.

  6. Do some travelling. It doesn’t mean you have to leave behind a busy life and family to go somewhere exotic. All you need is some curiosity and leaving through your front door. There are interesting things all around you. Travel locally; explore your own city.

  7. Look everywhere for story ideas. The most interesting stories aren’t always found far away. They are all around you. Remember that what may seem commonplace to you where you live is interesting to someone else who lives somewhere else.

  8. Avoid using clichés. Find a list of the most annoying and over-used phrases in your genre of writing and avoid them like the plague.

  9. Commit to doing this. Become the best at what you want to do. Make sure your spelling and punctuation are solid. Make sure your syntax and word usage are up to par. Polish your skills in the craft of writing. Telling a good story is essential but it isn’t enough. You must be an expert writer as well.

Starting on this journey towards becoming a well-paid travel writer is exciting and adventurous. Keep trying and don’t give up!

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