How To Get Well-Paid International Freelance Writing Jobs?

Assuredly, having a plethora of high-paying freelancing writing jobs you can apply for is a great advantage. In addition, it is something that rapidly makes your job easier as a professional writer. Needless to say, there are aplenty lists of sites that are capable of paying writers well.

What can you do to find better writing-related job opportunities? Here are three tips:

  • Consider asking around. You may try going to a local writer networking event or get on a local writer listserv. These are regarded as excellent places where you can obtain referrals. Indeed, writers in your town are great sources so this could help you save more time. Search for local equivalent of these kinds of networking groups whether in person or virtual.

  • Make sure to swim in a smaller pool. It is advisable to look for niche job boards which not too many writers see, that is, with types of jobs that not all writers could do. Take into consideration that more exclusive job listings can take a little search to turn up- in fact, they may run on the back page of an industry trade publication or conceal in a professional association website. However, it will be worth the great effort since the quality of the tasks offered shall frequently be worlds removed from what you can view on Craigslist.

  • Always think bigger. Rather than trying to figure out who may be able to pay well, it is wise to do some research to determine prospective markets which are likely to pay a decent rate. Be reminded that most writer jobs are not advertised- the editor or business owner is quite swamped to write an ad or review resumes. Moreover, several good writing-related opportunities take place when you tap into the big pool of concealed demand for writers.

So, how can you identify if a market can pay decently? Your hint is that the organization has money. Look for firms that have been around 5 years or more, these companies are more likely to be serious about marketing and are lucrative. This implies great opportunity for you in terms of professional rates. Further, pick firms that sell valuable service or physical product which are delivered in the real world.

If you write publications, then, you may consider The Writer’s Market that comes with online support. Ensure to dial up their search engine and observe what comes up. Also consider niche publications which have affluent readership such as lawyers, doctors, CEOs and the like. Surely, you will be able to find national publications that come with huge circulations that are more apt to pay well.

Meanwhile, if you write for businesses, target larger firms and research revenue. It definitely helps to move up from whatever you have been concentrated on, if it has been one million dollar businesses with one office or store, consider ten million dollar ones that come with several domains. Alternatively, if it has been solopreneurs, you may consider looking for firms that only employ fewer employees. In truth, the best pay is typically with firms that have ten million dollar or more of revenue.

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