Getting Freelance Content Writing Jobs Online Without Effort: Basic Tips

The Internet is a dream come true for a freelance writer. The days of having to submit work to magazines and journals only are in the past. It is quite possible for a writer to have a fairly lucrative career composing content for various websites. A writer can also be asked to write content for blogs and other online sources of information. Getting freelance work is not very difficult. If you are persistent and use the right marketing strategy, you will be very pleased with the results.

  1. Cast Your Nets in a Wide Circle. There are a number of freelance writing websites where you can bid on various assignments. Your essays are important to a number of website owners, and the freelance writing websites have any number of postings for clients seeking your skills. Take a look at several and decided which ones offer you the best opportunity.

  2. Build up Your Portfolio. You will be asked for samples of your work by prospective clients. Have a portfolio of articles ready for them to review. These should be anywhere from 250 to 1000 words in length. The samples should include a variety of writing styles that would include personal, easy-going, informative, professional, and expert. You then supply the type of sample that the job posting is looking for.

  3. Concentrate in Certain Areas. While you should have a variety of writing samples to offer, you should have a couple of areas where you are very proficient in writing. This could include legal writing, real estate, health and medicine, or recreation. You can then use these articles to target specific industries or organizations. That can increase your chances of getting assignments.

  4. Get in the Habit of Doing Research. Many prospective clients want content that is very knowledgeable and provides usable knowledge to the readers. Be sure that your work demonstrates an understanding of the subject. That comes with good research.

  5. Price Your Services Properly. You do not want to have the highest prices unless your work is of the highest quality. You should take a look at what prices others are charging, and come up with your own cost for services. Be reasonable knowing that as you get better you can charge higher fees.

  6. You need to be persistent in looking for work. You should be able to post several bids each week, realizing that some will not be accepted. But others will draw the client and gradually you will build up your client base. Freelance writers have a great opportunity with the Internet. It is one that should be capitalized on without hesitation.

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