How To Get A Well-Paid Freelance Technical Writing Position In 4 Steps

There is a huge difference between a good writer and a well paid writer. The former may get satisfaction from his work but it is the later that gets both satisfaction and money. To earn well through freelance technical writing you need to follow this following steps:

  • Market your skills. To get assignments while working freelance is tough. There are simply too many people willing to do the job for a less price. You need to reach out to different organizations and employers who are going to hire you. Without reading about your samples and getting to know about the quality of your work they are not going to hire you.

  • Negotiation skills and public relation skills. To get a good amount for your work you will have to be a good negotiator. Once you have been shortlisted by a company for your work, you will have to conclude on the amount you are going to charge. There are many other writers who are willing to do it at a lesser price so be careful while bargaining. If it’s a reputed website you may settle for less as it will get you more exposure and you can easily charge more for the next project.

  • You will have to chase leads and generate new ones. This only happens only after you have gained some exposure and established yourself as a writer. You will have make persistent quarries and keep in touch with employers. It is advisable to be polite no matter how many times they reject your samples and insist on improving.

  • To be a technical writer you will need thorough knowledge about the subject matter. This goes without saying that you will also have to be a moderately good writer. With time and experience you will learn how to optimize your searches and come up with the right information quickly. This in turn will let you handle more work pressure. Subsequently you will also start earning higher.

Freelance technical writing cannot make you rich instantly. So if you are looking to make quick money this is probably not for you. However if you are persistent and good at your job you can make quite a decent earning through this job. With experience and enough contacts you will be able to lead a nice luxurious life.

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