7 Tricks That Will Help You Land Great Part-Time Freelance Legal Writing Jobs

A good number of freelancers are earning reasonable income as part-time legal freelance writers. If you have experience in legal writing and yet find it difficult to land good paying jobs, there are definitely certain things you are not doing right. When you fully understand the options open to you and how you can better utilize them to your advantage, you will see well-paid legal writing gigs coming your way. Below are a few tricks that you can use to land great part-time legal writing jobs as a freelancer.

  • Get a qualification: Law firms would feel more comfortable outsourcing their writing needs to a freelance writer who has proof of qualifications to write in that niche than the one who does not have any proof. Work on your qualification as soon as possible.
  • Be specialized: This does not mean that you can’t make money if you write generally on any legal topic but specializing in a particular area of legal writing will set you as a professional before your potential clients and they will pay more for your services.
  • Have an enviable portfolio: You should have clips that showcase your skills as a legal freelance writer. Make sure that these clips are original and properly edited. Ensure that such portfolio contain materials related to the area of legal writing you are applying for.
  • Meet deadlines: Nothing pisses clients off like being disappointed by a contractor. If you are contracted to write for any given law firm or lawyer, ensure you quote submission timeline you can meet up with. This is very important for your reputation as a legal freelance writer.
  • Market yourself: You can do this in various ways including having a professional website or blog. You can also maintain a presence in professional social networking sites like LinkedIn.
  • Improve on your skills: Even with your educational qualification, if your writing skills are not at par with what is required in the legal writing industry, you might not be able to land mouth-watering jobs. Improve on your skills by making out time to read posts by other freelance writers on how to improve your writing skills. Attend seminars and workshops.
  • Be professional at all times: That you are writing part-time does not mean you should not take your writing career serious. Act professional by responding promptly to mails and questions from existing and prospective clients. This way, you are expanding your opportunities of landing well-paid legal writing jobs in your freelance legal writing career.

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